Windsystem related to windpowerplants with imagination in consequence for usage of windsystems with windpowerplantguard

Six windpowerplants get put up in sixangle, the rotors get unattached, the windpowerplants get connected with each other and axises get put through the opposite ones and mirrorsymetric rotors get attached, i.e. with 24 rotorsheets, circled protection around and probably screencage around for further protection and stabilityproof state in order to have approaching wind to get through by entering system and to accelerate rotor by leaving on opposite. The rotors and the generators have a certain azimute. It is possible to produce either Hydrogen or electrical energy. A windsystem assistant can switch between productions as required. Hydrogen can get put to decentral supplies and can get used for tankfillings. Alternative production is liked to be suitable.

Man kann jeweils 24 Rotorblätter 10 grad nach innen und 24 10 grad nach aussen mit Ring herum innen und aussen am Gebäude befestigt verwenden und Drosselklappen anbauen, damit gestaute Luft entsteht.

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