Phone without battery
You need the right shop for it, or the right manufacturer, but never mind, there is direct demand:

If I go to the store, make me a smartphone without a battery, make me a box. I have a device without a battery, but with a cable that has stored energy with a capacitor to go into stand-by mode when the cable is pulled and is able to start up again quickly when the cable is connected again Power source is connected. The battery has simply been left out of the production.

This is also conceivable for tablet PCs. At first glance, 1.5 meter long, 3 meter long, 6 meter long or 12 meter long cables and spiral cables are conceivable for power connections.

I have sufficient access to electricity on the train, in the airport, in the apartment, with colleagues, in the company or in the milk bar and I have the option to make phone calls. In the city it is insufficient. There is no power supply on the lamp post, post box, power distribution box or street sign.

Batteries disturb or annoy. Batteries from today’s cars and telephones can be returned to the airport for recycling. This goes hand in hand with the problematic substance battery fluid.

Religion quiz
The four levels of perception or suffering in Buddhism are birth, marriage, waiting for enlightenment, and that of being enlightened. What if Jesus was on his way to Vladivostok and stayed in India?

The big religion quiz:

(Religion is a way of life)

What religion emerges after waiting for enlightenment when someone marries in Frostland? Or relocated or not or known or not.

What religion emerges after waiting for enlightenment if someone does not marry in Frostland? Or relocated or not or known or not.

What religion emerges after waiting for enlightenment when someone marries in a frost-free area? Or relocated or not or known or not.

What religion emerges after waiting for enlightenment if someone does not marry in a frost-free area? Or relocated or not or known or not.

Which religion arises when a presumably better situation is to arise than the one expected and who is disposed of before enlightenment occurs and one waits for the situation of enlightenment?

What religion emerges after waiting for enlightenment when the situation of enlightenment is or can be ignored?

What is not understood is what is the case before enlightenment and clarifying statements should follow after enlightenment.

Do viruses fall to the floor in ionized air?
Do viruses fall to the floor in ionized air?

tax-free bike
Will I get a tax-free bike bought and tax-free bike parts?

a get along
I can handle it when someone from the beverage store or Media Markt brings me my order 15 meters from the entrance in the direction of 3 a.m., 1 a.m., 11 a.m. or 9 a.m. in a shopping cart. I had a shopping list from the company and they have the necessary store logistics. I ordered pasta, capers, and sage. Noodles are at the front, capers at the back left and sage at the back right. The company’s specialists, who know exactly where something is available, may bring sage and capers into the transfer area of the shop. Sellers take over capers and sage and bring the order to me along with pasta from the pallet in front.

And those from the shop were otherwise willing to let me in. In the long run, I am not necessarily tied to the process outside, if that is the case.

There will be ideas for payment.

For the pasta alone, it might have been possible to use the egg machine. Those from the other or the shop may go several times a day in a Ford Courier or a Sprinter or a Peugeot partner to refill.

Quasitempolitimit of maybe 170 km / h through taxation exponential curve
Engine blocks are cast in molds that are manufactured again and again and always need new engine block positives in the foundry. An installation with the add-on parts that have a preservation function on longer struts seems conceivable. This means that a kink in a displacement taxation exponential curve at 1100 ccm is conceivable. 1300 cc can be considerably more expensive than 1100 cc and 900 cc can be similar to 1100 cc. Drive is guaranteed. A quasitempolimit of 170 km / h can be the case. One consideration may be to use 2400 cc instead of 2600 cc.

E300 money
Without E300 money you are rather tough, with E300 money you become sedate. Benefit may be based on independently paid E300 money and recourse may make sense. Business negotiations are influenced and not later, but one is sedate and the remuneration is related to one another. And when everything is nothing, there must be opportunities to go to work.

Departure time commitment for slow heavy haulage on the A93 from Rosenheim to Kiefersfelden
If you overtake on the A93 from Rosenheim to Kiefersfelden with no overtaking, you will be booked for just under 100 euros and you will be awarded a point. For example, if you are on the road with a truck and a heavy load is driving at 60 km / h in front of you, you may not be able to keep your times.

If the heavy transport were assigned certain possible departure times, for example 6:00, 8:00 or 10:00 a.m., namely every two hours in Rosenheim and 6:03, 8:03 or 10:03 a.m. in Reischenhart, then the truck departure would perhaps be at 5:50, 7:50 or 9:50 O’clock in Rosenheim or, if you drive behind the heavy transport, leave Reischenhart and wait half an hour because the heavy transport in Kiefersfelden would arrive before you and it is certain that no other slow heavy transport would pass Reischenhart before 8.03, 10.03 or 12.03 , except in the worst case.

Jumpgo games
AUGUST 30, 2019 / 2 COMMENTS
Jumpgostickball needs one (or two) lines of thg2 images in the upper display area to avoid crashing in the course. By incorporating a different numerical value, you can achieve that five balls burst and four do not, or that six burst and five do not.

Jumpgotetris has four undisplayed image lines at the top.

So that the Jumpgocardot vehicle with the rear bumper is at the lower edge of the playing field, two circles can be equated and the cosine law used once. A trailer in the form of a towed vehicle can be attached to the vehicle for sliding. The doors of which are then possibly on the lower edge of the field and the distance between king pin and doors is set variably. The displayed section is a section of a large game board that can be equipped with a drag & drop process.

3D output is per se perspective changed 2D output. One refers to a cuboid.

JGC2 needs a fixed collision function. The necessary differentiations have been made.

When counting words you have to be careful not to delete files intentionally or unintentionally. The upload worked with a different time value. It can involve legal difficulties with all features. PHP snippets for file functions that may be used are the basis for the files. These can be used to create files with letters without other characters.

With four differentiations, a yellow frame for displaying the current position of the mouse pointer can be generated on the board game board using images with a mouse.

Jumpgo can have a playing field of perhaps 21 × 84 fields. When no object is displayed, the displayed fields can be combined and displayed as wider transparent images.

In Jumpgolem, paths are not always redefined. It is a rather weak route definition.

Water circulation in the shower
Earlier, I could have showered for an hour without any problems if I had had a water circulation that would have pumped the water that was initially used back into the shower hose.

Fire alarm went off when caramel pudding was being cooked
I put sugar cubes in hot margarine in the pot on the stove and caramelized the sugar while stirring constantly before adding soy milk to loosen the resulting caramel mass.

Actually, this was necessary in the living room because a fire alarm is not a requirement in the kitchen.

Roasting and baking never had the same effect.

A search engine entry with https : //www.freewebsubmission.com got made. Thanks for service.

Statements from North Africa influence Germany
[7/24 23:53] 905230: The Koran contains approaches from the Basic Law. I had that with muhamed and abdul.
Religion in the United States is built on good faith. Monarchy seeks appropriate behavior to find out how that is the basis. A republic has national goals.
[25.7. 10:01] Ahmad: All religions we know are based on the beginning and that people have been taught about the prophets. About the good and the bad. In Arabic the prophet is also understood as a messenger or messenger. Thus they keep messengers of news to us humans. Believers believe that it is only news transmitted by God. This news or lore, if you believe in it, will help you build yourself up in life and why you are here and now in the first place. The fact that today’s laws are similar to religion is due to the fact that humans cannot distinguish the good from the bad and fall back on laws that come from religion. So it is not surprising that there is the 3rd Roman law in Germany and also Napoleon when he came to power, he wanted to have a stable law system for his country, which he copied from Muslims and obtained information from Egypt. Of course, this and religion are better and easier explained, but to get a picture of it, you should either start again from zero with all positive or negative information or you try to compare exactly and will quickly find out that a divine law is better than one Human law. Because the creator of man can only know what is good for man and what is not. Again, people have their own inclinations and desires and can therefore view a situation incorrectly. Of course, this and religion are better and easier explained, but to get a picture of it, you should either start again from zero with all positive or negative information or you try to compare exactly and will quickly find out that a divine law is better than one Human law. Because the creator of man can only know what is good for man and what is not. Again, people have their own inclinations and desires and can therefore view a situation incorrectly. Of course, this and religion are better and easier explained, but to get a picture of it, you should either start again from zero with all positive or negative information or you try to compare exactly and will quickly find out that a divine law is better than one Human law. Because the creator of man can only know what is good for man and what is not. Again, people have their own inclinations and desires and can therefore view a situation incorrectly. Because the creator of man can only know what is good for man and what is not. Again, people have their own inclinations and desires and can therefore view a situation incorrectly. Because the creator of man can only know what is good for man and what is not. Again, people have their own inclinations and desires and can therefore view a situation incorrectly.
Checking knowledge seems misunderstood?
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Andreas Heinze
answer to
the state as opposite can dispose of money in accounts, because not all money will be withdrawn at the same time.
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Andreas Heinze
answer to
the amount of money in accounts determines the possibility for government services and government investments.
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[22.7. 18:04] 905230: So it is difficult with general supply with distribution of coins.
[7/24 22:27] Ahmad: Hello Andreas, how are you? Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand what you’re trying to tell me. Thanks if you can explain it in more detail.
[7/24 22:41] 905230: Well, let’s assume we have two accounts with 50 euros on each and 10 euros in money and 10 euros spent. The state knows that 50 euros will be in each account and has almost 100 percent of the money and pays unemployment benefits from the state. The money is spent by the recipient in the supermarket or with us and the money is back on the accounts and available from the state. If you collect 10 euros at home in addition to the incoming money and expenses, then the state can only dispose of almost 100 percent of the 40 euros each and less benefits can be paid out. Now only less can be bought.
You have to take on 80 million accounts or many, but the situation is the same. You no longer only have bartering, but also accounts. This is presumably first known as girowissen in Florence.
In my own matter
You have to introduce yourself, and it is okay and it can live in the kitchen and not only needs to be in the living room, where there is space for a problem situation, women, men have space in the extension; and then fuck what’s the problem, get away from here

… and she doesn’t just have to be in the living room, she is biased towards statements because the hooker is from an acquaintance and the initial paid for spending time.

Well, what led to the fact that you can live in the kitchen: you smooched until semen burst into your body, asking about sexual intercourse would have changed the situation because accessibility in recording is sought and sera flow like wildly confused and before that it was somewhere else until is no longer been fucked. Where? With a friend who had been met again and again for this, she hadn’t been used and it just had to go on in a different way. After a few months it had to be abandoned, it would be better for children and I would like constant contact.

How does that work? You have to divide into different time phases, there is a relationship situation without thoughts of sexual intercourse and later a reference situation to be assumed that can be clarified because you like it and not ignore what is possible or you do not go to bed after an acquaintance because that ends would with the caregiver because the relationship situation needs to be clarified, or you agree to meet somewhere and just let them go their own way or you should fill hot water bottles with water in the apartment.

The fact that women are responsible for the situation is independent of the need to clarify the situation. That bias about statements is the case makes the situation difficult.

What has he got and what about him? After clarification it comes to statements about what had been, egocentric something was put in the center, not egoistic. The next thought should then be that you drive where and clarify an unresolved situation where it is.

If there is bias as to whether the situation is unresolved, clarification must take place independently.

You need what you need, a person you know and get to know independently likes tabular explanations and calls third parties if you cannot stick with one. Mine stayed away from Frankfurt in Düsseldorf, although events can affect the capital-intensive situation again.

Social business catering business
Under socialism, state employees guaranteed social security in state-owned establishments outside of their working hours by serving food. Just socialist.

Outside of socialism, a three-meter bridge should be built instead of the one-meter bridge. And later a five-meter bridge parapet so that something would remain to be done. In principle, it is also okay to trade in something that has been warmed up to eat, if there is sufficient availability. There may then be no need for a new bridge parapet.

I had a non-finished travel procedure to GDR in 1987. I was allowed to enter, no inbound clearance took its place. I got part of Saxonia-Anhalt or Thuringia at that moment regarding constitutional dependencies. I left GDR moments later and no outbound clearance took its place.

I wanted to stay without paper duties and used the certain way for the visit and it would be bearable by FRG at that time. The type 50- and 60-Trucks of GDR followed parallel and one with VW Golf with tin of Fanta at the front right in the tray fold appeared he would be from beside. Duty reports will have been made erroureous and country might have gone to stagnation. In how far one was expected in GDR is not clear.

Bavarian Television transmitted information to Czechoslovakia about circumstances in GDR later and Warsaw Pake area might have gone to changes.

One does behave in March or April.

Cooking bag rice
At some point I recently thought of 4 × 125 grams of rice in a pouch and red lentils that are eaten uncooked straight out of bags. This means that you have to spend around 15 cents per day on nutrition. You can hardly manage 500 grams of lentils and rice in one day.

Tempeh can be bought in supermarkets in the EU. The tempeh mushrooms can be grown. It costs two or three cents a day for the amount of tempeh mushrooms to eat. 38- or 62-gram bars must seem ideal.

Asphalt areas with technical controls, long-distance buses and local transport connections with posts, pillars and restaurants
If those from the railroad operate asphalt surfaces with a company where coaches or long-distance buses go, is meant as a state company, then as an instrument of populism, technical checks of circuit boards and tires of the buses can be carried out every 2000 km by railroad experts and a subsequent approval of the buses for 2000 km can be granted. The aim is to have fun with joy.

Asphalt surfaces are perhaps 20 km to 50 km along the edge of segments at the crossings of yellow and yellow roads, yellow and blue roads and blue and blue roads. If you go there is maybe four times the fare, if you go there is maybe the simple one. Local traffic can settle on the asphalt surfaces outside of cities and guarantee transport to them. The determination of the fare and the allocation of amounts for buses and routes will be made transparent.

Asphalt areas are initially large, newly emerging areas with initially exclusively posts and pillars, at intersections of streets with tenders for local transport connections, on which the infrastructure can be expected.

It is conceivable that in a restaurant, peas or carrots, packed in tubular film packaging, can be removed from open window rooms with excessive room temperature after a coin has been inserted. The tubular film packaging is then conceivable in quality standards of 10 minutes and 30 minutes and can be consumed with steamed sausage or steamed tofu from possibly rental plates. The containers not sold are intended for further industrial use. Necessary hygiene standards are observed. Peas and carrots can be all kinds of vegetables, or French fries or boiled potatoes or sauce or mushrooms or nutrients, a steamer for sausage and tofuda is possible. The price for a container can be low due to productivity. Tubular film packages are packed continuously. The idea is taken from the Autobahn.

Model 1, Model 2, or pizza delivery collection requests
The pizza delivery service entails debt collection claims with model 1. Not with model 2. There is no model 2 or model 1. The pizza delivery service can be given a time window for delivery. If it is not adhered to and if you are already on vacation or at work, there can be no further disruptions if acceptance could have been refused or did not have to take place. One would have eaten crispbread because the delivery service couldn’t handle them. Or you put noodles in the boiling water because the delivery service couldn’t handle the time slot and you wanted to eat something and pay 50% for the delayed delivery or the percentage stated on the menu and put the delivery in the refrigerator for the next day. Model 1 or model 2,

Copyright for the older 2 × 6 performance texts
On April 20th, 2019 I transferred 190 euros to the copyright service in Berlin. I did not receive a password by email that could be named. It used to work. Calls and email inquiries were unsuccessful. I contacted the bank to ask for the amount back. Regardless of the later granting of copyright and notification, I see that. Copyright should be better. I have not reported anywhere else for copyright granting.

Imagination for automated loading and picking operations
Loading operations or picking operations can get done by a machine by putting a cuboid container or a cuboid body with dimension length times width times depth with 1 cm to 80 cm of length and 1 cm to 80 cm of width and 1 cm to 80 cm of depth or undefined length and undefined width and undefined depth or a similiar shaped container in single or multiple amount onto a pallet or onto or into a loading collection environment or onto or into a picking collection environment.The machine can save which space is used on the pallet or on or in the loadingcollectionenvironment or on or in the pickingcollectionenvironment and calculates the best following container shape or best following body shape and alignment for being put onto the pallet or onto or into the loadingcollectionenvironment or onto or into the picking collection environment for ideal loading or dividing of the containers or bodies onto the pallet or onto or into the loading collection environment or onto or into the picking collection environment if the usage of instant following containers or instant following bodies in certain alignment is not predicted.

Imagination for fertilizing by division of fertilizer joined water from a plot closed place
One can shoot and divide balls or cylinders or similiar bodies of fertilizerjoined water or different materia from a yardbelt or from elsewhere out of a supplycontainer with certain technic on a windcalm day or another day onto a yard or elsewhere if balls or cylinders or similiar bodies divide to drop or fog shape before reaching the yards surface or surface elsewhere. If balls or cylinders or similiar bodies do not cause damage by reaching the surface balls or cylinders or similiar bodies can be let reaching the surface or can be shot. By usage of computers, a certain division of the watershots can be calculated with possible shootingangles and shooting intensity for usage.

Imagination for fracking in a bottle
Fracking can (theoretically) have process in a bottle dispenser by reaching the stone for extraction within the bottle. The usage of stones for energy extraction can be suitable for a follow-up time of usage of coal and oil. The thought is that a vertical stone drilling (in mountains?) Can get suited with a fitting metal container with inner glass coating, if the container is not necessary or possible elsehow. During an assumed fracking progress of a stone in the container the container has just to get tightend in the upper direction.

Imagination for lending fee container for splashable beer or beveragecans
Regarding two cases for each time seven beer- or beveragecans with fillcontent 330 ml and 500 ml made from splashable plastic both can get to sale in round lending fee containers in known bad splashable quality with inner diameter of three times the tin basediameter and the innerheight of the tinsheight with fill content 330 ml and 500 ml for the two types of the containers. Rolled oats and washing medium can get imaginable in further progress of beer or beveragecanvendingusage for sale in the containers. The containers outer shape and the closing method may not be certainly.

Cassette shape minimizes energy supply for momentous energy extraction of stretched belts for transmission
A spindle can get used to supply / contain energy by being belted with stretched belt. The contained energy can get given off in momentary phases. The contained energy can get used for the spindlemovements to roll off the stretched belt, to roll the not stretched belt after having given off the energy onto another spindle and for usage of the restenergy for transmission to alternate mechanical energy. The energy for the transmission can get usable by two rollleadings close to the energycontaining spindle by using a controlled driven rollleading and one a bit less close generator driving rollleading. A spindle system in cassette-shape is imaginable and distribution by lendingfee for transmissions is imaginable.

Windsystem related to windpowerplants with imagination in consequence for usage of windsystems with windpowerplantguard
Six windpowerplants get put up in sixangle, the rotors get unattached, the windpowerplants get connected with each other and axises get put through the opposite ones and mirrorsymetric rotors get attached, ie with 24 rotorsheets, circled protection around and probably screencage around for further protection and stabilityproof state in order to have approaching wind to get through by entering system and to accelerate rotor by leaving on opposite. The rotors and the generators have a certain azimuth. It is possible to produce either hydrogen or electrical energy. A windsystem assistant can switch between productions as required. Hydrogen can get put to decentral supplies and can get used for tankfillings. Alternative production is liked to be suitable.

Presentation of automated picking and loading activities
APRIL 24, 2019 / A COMMENT
Loading or order picking can be carried out by a machine, in that a square-shaped container or a square-shaped body with the dimensions length times width times depth with 1 cm to 80 cm length, 1 cm to 80 cm width and 1 cm to 80 cm depth or less Depth, indefinite length or indefinite width or any other form of container in single or multiple numbers on a pallet or on or in a loading area or on or in a picking area. The machine saves which space is used on the pallet or on or in the loading collection area or on or in the picking collection area and calculates subsequent containers or subsequent bodies,

Presentation of fertilization by distributing water that has been diluted from a place close to the surface
You can shoot balls or cylinders or other bodies of thinner water or other matter from the edge of the field or from elsewhere from a storage tank with certain technology on a windless day, or another day on a field or elsewhere and distribute them when the balls are or distribute cylinders or other bodies in a drip or mist shape before hitting the field or elsewhere. If no damage is caused by bullets or cylinders or other bodies, bullets or cylinders or other bodies can be dropped or shot. Computer-controlled or otherwise, a division of the water shots with possible firing angles and possible firing intensity for use can be calculated.

Introducing fracking in a bottle
Fracking can (theoretically) take place in a bottle dispenser, as the stone is reached directly in the bottle. The use of stones for energy production can follow on from the use of oil and coal. The idea is that a vertical stone hole in the ground (in mountains?) Is provided with a precisely fitting metal container with an inner glass container, if the container is not otherwise necessary or possible and the assumed fracking process has to be limited exclusively upwards by a stone in the container .

Presentation for deposit containers for placeable beer or beverage cans
Seven beer or beverage cans each with a filling content of 330 ml and 500 ml made of burstable plastic can be sold in round deposit containers with an inside diameter of three times the bottom diameter and the inside height of the can with 330 ml and 500 ml in the well-known, difficult-to-place quality. Oat flakes and detergents can be further presented for use in beer or beverage cans for sales use in the deposit containers. The external shape and the locking method of the deposit container are not determined.

Presentation for cassette-shaped energy storage for momentary energy consumption from tensioned bands for drive
A spindle can be used to store energy by wrapping tensioned tape around it. The energy can be released at the moment. The stored energy can be used for the unwinding movement of the spindle, for the unwinding movement of a spindle for the tape that is untensioned after the energy has been used, and for taking the remaining tension energy for transmission into other usable mechanical energy. The energy for the transmission can be taken from two roller guides near the spindle with the stored energy when rolling through a controlled driven roller guide and a near distant, spindle distant generator driving roller guide. A spindle system in cassette form with deposit cassettes for drives is conceivable.

Presentation for wind systems attached to wind turbines with subsequent presentation for the use of wind systems with wind turbines
Six wind turbines are set up in a regular hexagon, the rotors are dismantled, the wind turbines are connected to each other and shafts are inserted through the generators opposite and mirror-symmetrical rotors are attached, possibly with 24 rotor blades, ring edging and protective and stabilizing grating so that incoming wind through an outer rotor goes through and when leaving the wind system drives the opposite rotor. The rotors and the generators are determined in alignment.

It is possible to use a wind system to generate hydrogen or electrical energy. A wind system attendant can switch between the generations as required. Hydrogen can be stored locally and used for refueling. Other generation is likely to be plausible.

Email to Jutta
Hello Jutta,

Back in 1997 I was on my way from Düsseldorf via Muenster to Osnabrück. I had an appointment in Osnabrück with Helene, who had been met in Osnabrück the days before. It should have continued with sexual intercourse, actually in order to create a situation of trust out of which to clarify the unexplained situation that had existed with the assumed reference person Katrin. A proper end could have been made from the principle, although it was related. Where there is a beginning there is an end. Today she can live in the kitchen, otherwise there is room for women in the living room because of a problematic situation. Men have room in the annex and women have to let them in, but what’s the problem then? (You can stay elsewhere.) Women are generally healthy and fertile women.
Katrin was met in mid-1996 and they fell in love and smooched for too long, until semen erupted into the body towards the end of the year.
At that time in your apartment I might have had a wet dream that sexual intercourse should continue. I don’t really know at all. You probably wanted to fuck yourself, but I self-centeredly focused on my situation and definitely didn’t understand it at all.
Then later in Osnabrück I was again later in Helene’s living room. Everything would have to be animalistic, inquiring about sexual intercourse was ruled out because of the assumed reference person Katrin. I wanted to make out, she didn’t want to make out. Then she wanted me to take her breast in my hand, that was too much for me and didn’t materialize. Approval for mutual behavior decreased and there was no exchange of naive questions about what had happened.
Accessibility was an issue in itself anyway and bad experiences accumulated, actually later and actually in their own form.
In the end I didn’t go back to Düsseldorf or wherever to clarify the situation through acquaintances of other loved ones and again later I knew I had to come to terms with myself, because help was not needed, namely clarifying the situation with Katrin was. You lose control of yourself for a moment and then you know how to deal with yourself.
It goes hand in hand with rejection of who related. Solidarity generally arises when help is given for what help is needed; There is rejection for people who behave unusually, is not bad, or who in and of themselves is happy to be someone who did not know how to help and did not know what to do next. The aim is to find oneself in the rules in principle.
All in all, you can find different time phases in a development and you are not opposed to a clarification of the situation, although everything is fine for you. The clarification needs a direct exchange with the assumed reference person, because people are like that. An example would be reacting to the statements ‚Break up with them‘, ‚What has they done‘ or ‚That’s none of your business‘.
In addition, it becomes apparent for a matriarchal or patriarchal environment that one can access a sexual tract, is allowed access and are those who regulate generally striving for a general sense, or one has ownership of the sexual tract and may leave possession.
Best regards.
Parde – PublicAccessRegionGermany
According to the Strasbourg classification for statistical comparisons, also Parnl, Pardk, Parpl, Parcz, Parat, Parch, Parfr, Parlu or Parbe. Areas can thus be easily reached.

Utilities provide an internet signal for areas that can be made available in a simple form at 1.5 to 2 Kbytes per second for use in distribution. A privilege is to be left with the area administering office. A private person can start, if money flows, a confirmation must take place according to association law.

What is meant is counterpart companies to the www company can create themselves and on / in street lamps in inner-city areas WLAN nodes can guarantee internet connection.

The Internet of today can be imagined as FSK18 accessible. The general access can take place with the above mentioned 1.5 to 2 KByte per second.

The newly emerging counterpart to the www company, from me PardeA1A according to the Strasbourg classification or correspondingly, could provide content-based, area-bound and with its own concerns for content xMByte per second fast Internet that again at 1.5 to 2 Kbytes per second for End consumer use can flow back into the international Internet and the neighboring area Internet can flow.

In the first moment, hosted websites with holiday pictures can be presented or the transmission of away games of the football team in the area or at the stadium on WiFi-enabled devices. An email dispatch in the area can be imagined whose dispatch remains within the area.

Furthermore, a key on keyboards can be imagined that triggers a character string transfer, which can be a partial PublicAccessRegion coding as a www counterpart assignment.

Cooking competitions to determine the minimum price in supermarkets
The aim should not be to earn more. But I think the thought is good enough that it currently has to do without additional thoughts.

If you have the thought that food preparations in restaurants without seats should have the same price as in supermarkets, you will achieve better food preparation quality and counteract alienation.

Direct products in supermarkets remain cheap.

For the moment, food preparation in restaurants can be neglected.

Presentation is in companies that produce preparation, there is an appraised cooking competition for direct products or other preparations using boards and knives and pans and pots to determine minimum prices for supermarket sales. The number of minutes for producing a quantity of preparation (100 kg by 15 people as required for factory sales or similar in a form suitable for television) can determine a minimum amount for possibly the next three years. It must again be possible to cook flexibly in a way that determines the minimum price. The state of preparation in the sale should be irrelevant. The preparation can be in the canning container, frozen, fresh or instant. The ingredients are independently something that goes into the sale. It is irrelevant whether the red pepper with brown spots or the red pepper is used, equally whether the freeze-dried carrot or the fresh carrot is used. What a machine-dividing piece of carrot is working fine is a question of its own.

A flexible tax in kind or tax in kind can be imagined for price equalization after industrial preparation. The industrial preparation must be independently and objectively determined based on the market economy in order to guarantee material fees.

Namely, in frost-free areas I need 5 euros per month for buckets in order to be able to collect fruit, while in frost-free areas I need access to a bicycle or bus tickets every month to be able to have important trips to workplaces and buckets or a supply service because the harvest is on Field went bad or because nothing was found during a snow phase. The public hearth isn’t bad. Now you are to blame for the development in frost area, even if you can manage it. Basically, you can have similar ideas for a frost-free area, but everything is there, just like in a frost-free area, you would have to ask out of decency instead of simply assuming. Now everything is distributed and not centralized as suggested. In the 95 theses it is stated that oekumene is out of the question and money is mentioned.



PS2 / USB port on the digital card reader
Can I get a PS2 or a USB port on my digital card reader? I could then use an optional standard keyboard from the machine at the petrol station to hack into the device that I had a full block, a parking lot that was not blocked or a traffic jam. And that in 20 languages. The boss receives other information because of reservations and the surveillance measure does nothing independently.

Coal and Steel Community and Brexit
As statements after the Brexit decision, I would have expected statements from Denmark, Ireland and Greece to the founding states. There would be existing, non-modifiable statements that one would have to adhere to. From Denmark and Ireland it would have statements about the expectation of the EU with regard to the founding states and with regard to the founding states, Great Britain and itself, and from Greece additionally the assessment and assessment of itself. Further statements from other EU states would be welcome and additionally be.
It can be difficult if the attitude of the people in Great Britain is confirmed by the Supreme Court or confirmed in approaches. Election results could be substituted. Now there is an accepted back and forth between legalization of intoxicants and rejection in the UK. As a result, people from politics might talk to other state representatives, because international exchange is sought and a dependency since nation would arise. In 1950 Germany could not differentiate between intoxicants. There had been too much nationalization in the time before.
Pluralistic democratic state principle requires the absence of near-natural intoxicating substances, but there are.
The starting point for the EU or the coal and steel union was international meeting in dealing with near-natural substances. Acetic anhydride comes from gypsum processing and gypsum comes from surface carbon. Acetic anhydride with morphine brought from Afghanistan via Russia and the Baltic Sea, or RU / UA, UA / PL and PL / DE- borders to the surface coal makes Shore. There is surface coal and hard coal and why not burn wood. If there were no foreign currencies, it would be sold in the state territory of Shore or the determining fatty plant coca tree paste, processed with methanol and benzene, because the same amount would be available abroad. The consequence would be nationalization isolation and a sense of plan. The EU index would go down. This is exactly how idle cash has an effect. With the 20 and 50 euros in your wallet, you have your own money cycle. Money is stored somewhere and is out of the money cycle.
USA people would have participated if the countries of the coal and steel union with strong GDP / GNP had come to an agreement and a planned situation had been substituted.
German farm animal eats soybeans from Brazil
Soybeans are largely imported from Brazil. In the USA and China, people tend to take care of themselves. Vegetable oil in preparations is often soybean oil.

Soybeans can be grown in Germany and have subsidies. Animals can eat the subsidized soybeans and thus be heavily subsidized.

It is also possible to process soybeans on a large scale in Germany and use them to produce food. Unlike animal feed, food for humans does not come onto the market / in the markets in lattice boxes.

It is unclear why different quantities of herbal preparations are offered in the markets.

Parking near highways in industrial areas
Navigation devices seem to have a confirmation for the next few years.

If this applies to places near parking lots on the autobahn to Strassen with names Industriestrasse, Dieselstrasse, Siemensstrasse etc. Search in industrial areas and parking spaces in these streets are used by trucks, new and more parking spaces are created in connection with motorway use. The existing, marked parking spaces in motorway parking areas could be sufficient.

If infrastructure is built up in the streets in the industrial areas, you can do without navigation devices because the industrial areas can apply for a parking space themselves.

Trucks are allowed to park outside of built-up areas and within built-up areas in industrial areas and areas not classified separately according to general rules under certain vehicle conditions.